Talking Career, Family, and Tech with WNYC’s New Tech City

Please join WNYC, New Tech City, and me for a special event at The Greene Space in Tribeca on March 19.  We are calling our morning powwow “How Tech is Changing the Way Women Work” and we have an AWESOME lineup:

The Panel

tech helping moms work

Jessica Lawrence, Managing Director of NY Tech Meetup

Marie C. Wilson, founder of The White House Project and Co-creator of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Cali Williams Yost, CEO and founder of Work+Life Fit, Inc.

What We’ll Discuss

  • How the digital age is upending the work-life balance debate
  • “Leaning forward” vs “Having it all” vs “On-call 24/7”
  •  The future of telecommuting and workplace equality
  •  Whether women in tech have discovered the secret to quality of life

What You Can Do

  1. BEST OPTION: Buy your tickets and join us that morning. Nothing beats meeting and networking with like-minded women in person.
  2. NEXT BEST OPTION: Listen or watch that morning. Mark your calendar to open your favorite browser and see or hear the event streaming live. Better yet, have a listening coffee klatch with your co-workers or friends and discuss afterwards.
  3. AT THE VERY LEAST: Please go to the Greene Space website and tweet + Like us! We need your social support even if you can’t be with us.

 If technology has changed the way you live I’d love to hear about it. It definitely has changed mine. Read my post and send me your questions/comments for our panelists either here or on Twitter @manoushz.

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