Women: What to Wear On Camera

OK ladies, if you are going on camera hopefully you have the enthusiasm…but not the grotesque looks of my alter-ego.


Here are some basic rules for looking FAB on screen, whether it’s MSNBC, a Skype chat, or a company YouTube video:

1. Avoid excess froufrou like scarves, ruffles, and overly exuberant necklaces (simple thin or thick chains work best)…and please remember to cut the tag off, unlike my friend seen above.

2. A deep V-neck or scoop-neck blouse looks good on everyone. Most people (despite Michelle Obama’s example) should wear sleeves. Too much skin can make you look fleshy or scrawny.

3. Choose rich, sophisticated colors like royal purple, emerald green, or deep berry. Even ivory can work. Katie Couric wore a bright white jacket for her first CBS Evening News broadcast. I would have gone for a softer white.

4. If you want to be taken seriously, wear a jacket. Sadly, this is just the way it goes. But if you can show a bit more personality, try a blouse or sweater. Structured dresses (rather than slinky polyester, which reveals every bump) also look professional and cover flaws. I love the fancy blue dress my friend Katty Kay, of the BBC, wore on The Colbert Report.

5. Always wear earrings but skip the long dangly ones unless you are in a creative industry. A little glint of silver or gold brightens up every face.


6. If you are going to be doing a lot of on-camera stuff, think about
cultivating YOUR look. A uniform style not only makes things easier
for you on a daily basis but also brands you. Bobbi Brown usually wears a black blazer and hoop earrings with little charms on them.
Vera Wang always has her perfect curtain of smooth black hair. A signature look makes you instantly recognizable.


The Bottom Line:  When in doubt, play it safe (just with your clothes, not your life!). You can wear the simplest outfit and still look chic.

Anybody out there have a signature look they’d like to share?!

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